Swamp Shader

Water volume params example:

Swamp material example:

Texture maps

Texture Using for
Diffuse diffuse texture
Specular Specular texture (water surface)
Bumpmap bump map texture
Normalmap not using
Environment environment cube map texture
Detail 3D noise texture (perlin noise)
Opacity not using
Decal not using
Subsurface mask texture
Custom Secondary diffuse texture
[1] Custom Secondary bumpmap texture

Shader parameters

Shader Params Dependence Description
Bump tilling-Water waves speed
Mask tillingmask texturemask texture tilling
Waves tilling-bump map scale
Texture tillingmain texture, secondary texturetilling for main and secondary textures
Bump strenght-
Texture amount-Mask texture amount
Texture density-mix mask color, mask texture, blending color and main texture( mega mixer)*
Tex blending color-additional mask color
Mask colormask textureadditional mask color
Soft intersection factor-Soft intersection
Diffuse Color-additional diffuse texture color

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