waterOcean_DEV - shader

Texture maps

Texture Using for
Diffuse not using
Specular Specular texture (water surface)
Bumpmap extra bump map texture
Normalmap not using
Environment environment cube map texture
Detail not using
Opacity not using
Decal not using
Subsurface not using
Custom foam diffuse texture
[1] Custom Secondary foam diffuse texture

Shader parameters (*SGP- Shaders generation Params checkbox)

Shader Params Dependence Description
FFT tillingTilling FFT texture
TillingTilling texture
Detai bump tillingdetail tilling
High freq Scale Extra Ocean detail SGP
Low freq detail scale
Bump scale
Ocean waves variationExtra ocean transform SGP
Gradient scale Extra ocean transform SGP
SS Tilling
Foam multiplierFoam SGP
Foam threshold Foam SGP
Foam mix Foam SGP Mix level between foam layer1 and layer 2
Foam size Foam SGP1 layer foam size (near beach)
Foam bump scaleFoam SGPFoam bump scale
Soft intersection factor
Reflection amount
Reflection bump scaleReflection bump level
Refraction bump scale
WhiteCaps amountcurrently working incorrect
Fresnel bias
Fresnel power
Sun multiplier
Subsurface colorExtra subsurface param SGP
Sand multiplierSand drifting SGPSand multiplier

Shader Generation parameters

Shader Generation Param Dependence Description
SunshineEnable sunshine
Fake camera movement-Fake camera movement
No refraction bump-no refraction
Rain drops-enable rain drops generation
Shore FX-shore effect
No foam-disable foam rendering
Extra ocean detail-rendering extra water detail
Extra ocean transform-additional water surface transform
Extra Subsurface$Specular textureextra subsurface water color
Foam type 2$custom- foam1 texture, #custom1- foam2 textureadditional foam render
Sand driftingEnable underwater sand drifting
Lerp/Dot FoamFoam mix function, checked- using lerp, unchecked-dot function

Shader depensencies

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