WaterVols Shader

Params example:

Texture maps

Texture Using for
Diffusenot using
SpecularSpecular texture (water surface)
Bumpmapbump map texture
Normalmapnot using
Environmentenvironment cube map texture
Detailnot using
Opacitynot using
Decalnot using
Subsurface mask texture
Customfoam diffuse texture
[1] CustomSecondary foam diffuse texture

Shader parameters

Shader Params Dependence Description
Waves movement speed-waves speed
Tilling-waves tilling
Bump map scalebumpmap texturebump map scale
Reflect amount-amount of reflection on the water
Fresnel bias-determines how much reflection vs. refraction is visible
Sun multiplier-
Soft intersection factor-
Refraction bump scale-
Texture tillingfoam1, foam2 texturesfoam texture tilling
Blend amountfoam1, foam2, mask texturesfoam sum and mask textures blend amount
mask tilling$Subsurface- foam mask texturemask texture tilling
Foam bump tilling-foam bump tilling
foam factor-additional foams mixer with water depth dependencies (experimental)
foam multiplier-foam multiplier
Foam mix$custom- foam1 texture, #custom1- foam2 texturemix color (balance) between foam1 and foam2 textures
Water Color-reserved

Shader Generation parameters

Shader Generation Param Dependence Description
Water Volume-Use for water volume
SunshineSpecular textureenables sunshine reflection on the water surface
Real-time Reflection-enable real time reflection on the water surface
No vertex fog-
No flow-disable flow
Rain drops-enable rain drops on the water surface
Foam$Subsurface- foam mask texture, $custom- foam1 texture, #custom1- foam2 textureenable foam generation
Sun shading-enable sun shading
Invert mask$Subsurface- foam mask textureinvert mask texture

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