How to create a color grading texture:

step 1. Create a scre​enshot of yours level from Editor

step 2. ​ Attache color chart reference image (located: ​/textures/ColorCharts/rgbChart.bmp).

Adjust image in gimp (for example) or using any editor.

step 3. ​Export image to `tif` and converting it to colorchart image using ColorChart template (CE3!! with ce3 resource compiller)

step 4. ​Close Sandbox 2 Editor, rename colorchart texture to (allways use for using cc texture) and place to ​/textures/ColorCharts folder, run Sandbox Editor and open the level. The result is must be:

Example screenshot is using ​/textures/ColorCharts/

cVars reference: r_ColorGrading 1/0

ava 2024/03/28 11:21

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